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Who Won 2019?

We’ve got a simple question for you: Who Won 2019? Who captured the nation’s hearts and imaginations? Who dominated memes, podcasts, think pieces, and watercooler conversations?

Inspired by this brilliant Rembert Browne article from 2012, every January for the last few years, we've hosted an open-forum debate to determine the champion of the year that just passed.

As we speak, we’re creating a 32-entrant, NCAA-style bracket full of 2019 heavyweights. Baby Yoda. The Women’s World Cup Team. Avengers End Game. Lizzo. Documentaries about the Fyre Festival. Lamar Jackson. There will be options from the worlds of pop culture, sports, games, music, movies, business and life in general.

Each round, we’ll announce a matchup and then take arguments from you, the crowd. In previous years, arguments have ranged from passionate to scientific to esoteric to just plain absurd. People who don't want to speak and instead just listen can, people who want to analyze pop culture events on a granular level like no human ever has before... they can do that too. Meanwhile, we’ll have a moderator there to make sure no one rambles on or hogs the microphone.

When the dust settles, we’ll put the matter to a vote, the winner will advance to the next round, and we’ll go to a subsequent matchup until ultimately one final champion is crowned.And don’t worry, we’ll steer clear of politics. So the impeachment, Hong Kong, the government shutdown, and everything else your uncle has been ranting about on Facebook won’t be up for discussion. There’s plenty of time for serious debate in our nation about the topics that truly matter. This is a time for arguing everything else.

To buy tickets, click here.

Got an idea for who should be on the bracket? Submit it below. 

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