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In the olden days, empires were built on military might. Land acquired through the harsh churn of warfare. But we have done the opposite. We built our empire on the pillars of the world’s most joyful creations: Games. In our earliest day, our work focused on board games (hence our fantastic name), but over time, our empire has come to be a place for all manner of game.

And in our empire, we don’t just play games, we build entire events around them. We run board game speed dating nights where you can find love while playing games. We host trivia pub crawls, where you travel from brewhouse to brewhouse, proving your trivial knowledge at each stop along the way. We host showcase nights for local game designers where you can try out the creations of local artisans. We do all this and more.

And while an empire should stretch from sea to sea, we realize that’s an obnoxiously long commute, and the T doesn’t always go that far. So we've tapped the black magic of Zoom to host events virtually, and for a small price we can even bring our games directly to you. We turn your office party, birthday celebration, university orientation or anything else into a gaming festival.

Click the links at the top of the page to learn more about what we do, and join the mailing list to get once-a-month e-mails about new events we have coming up. Welcome to the Empire.

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