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Halloween Words:

Gotta Catch 'Em All

Greetings faithful readers. As we explained in the e-mail, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find all 17 of the Halloween words, numbers and phrases we've hidden in that e-mail. How do you know if a word you find qualifies? We've got 50 potential answers listed below. If what you find in the e-mail is what you find down below, it counts (spelling does matter, capitalization doesn't. So shock-tober is not an acceptable answer for October, but it is for the word "Shock.") Find all 17 before Monday and we'll give you a free ticket to BoardGame Empire event or $20 off registration in our upcoming board game league.

1. Ghoul

2. Devil

3. Demon

4. Halloween

5. October

6. Candy

7. Candy Corn

8. Candy Corn is awful, why do they keep selling it?

9. Oh come on, it's like a pellet of pure sugar. Why does everyone hate candy corn so much? 

10. You're dumb it's gross.

11. Fine, agree to disagree.

12. Vampire

13. Blood

14. Witch

15. Skeleton

16. Black Cat

17. Corpse

18. Creepy

19. Coffin

20. Hocus Pocus

21. Haunted

22. Boo

23. Ghost

24. Costume

25. Dress up

26. Headstone

27. Grave

28. Cemetery

29. Shock

30. Afraid

31. Fright

32. Scary

33. Eerie

34. Monster

35. Frankenstein's Monster 

36. Pumpkin

37. Jack O'Lantern

38. Mummy

39. Zombie

40. Scream

41. Trick or Treat

42. Werewolf

43. 31st

44. 13th

45. All Hallow's Eve

46. RIP

47. Bats

48. Orange

49. Day of the Dead

50. Spider

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