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Like any great Empire, we host regular tournaments- events where combatants may prove their might against would-be competitors. And when the precious few emerge victorious in these endeavors, we grant them the greatest (and most affordable) honor we can: Immortalizing them in our Hall of Champions. Read on to hear tales of victory from some of our mightiest citizens. 


Purple Parrots- Board Game League 2019-2020

After finishing the regular season dead last, The Purple Parrots came into the finals with something to prove. And prove they did. They swept through the history-themed round 2 games like a cyclone and never looked back, taking down the title with 313 points. If you haven't participated in the league, we realize you have no idea whether 313 is good or not, but trust us: It's a lot. 


Red Team- Board Game League 2019

In 2019, we took our tournaments to a whole new level, launching a board game league. Each week, teams competed in a different genre of games. After 6 weeks, Red Team sat in the cellar, the lowest seeded team to make it into the Finals. But as any good New England fan will tell you: The Finals are where champions are made. The Red Team posted a slew of victories in Round 1 and Round 3 to emerge victorious in our first ever board game league. 


Daniel Dychman- Ticket to Ride Champion 2018

When Daniel Deychman woke up the morning of June 13th, he didn't even know there was a Ticket to Ride Tournament going on. But he found it in time to sign up, take down back-to-back games (winning the second by a mere point), and become a railroad-track-claiming titan. 


Josh Wilson- Settlers of Catan Champion 2018

While his opponents were fighting over the largest army, Josh Wilson was staking out his victory. Our 2018 Settlers tourney featured a kid who could solve rubik's cubes in 50 seconds, a heated battle for a wild card entry into the finals that culminated with a barenuckled rock-paper-scissors match and, of course, plenty of sheep. But Josh Wilson won back-to-back games to emerge as our first tournament champion at Down the Road Brewery. 

word games tournament champs 2018.JPG

Melanie Feldman & Rebecca Levine-
Word Games Champions 2018

2017's Word Games tournament winners returned for the 2018 challenge missing half their team, but it didn't matter. Playing under the team name "The Breast and the Brightest," they became BoardGame Empire's first ever back-to-back champions when they took down the 2018 word game tournament and added another trophy to their mantle. 

settlers tournament 1-22.JPG

Parker Poche- Settlers of Catan Champion 2017

Parker Poche showed up for the first BoardGame Empire tournament at our new digs in Porter Square and quickly staked her claim as champion of all of Catan. She scored back-to-back victories in this multi-round tourney and took home the trophy.

splendor tournament 1-25.JPG

Amy Wen- Splendor Champion 2017

A hearty congratulations to Amy Wen for winning our first tournament of 2017: A two-round Splendor bout that saw her come in first in both games she played. You can't see it from this photo, but in addition to her trophy, she also got a copy of Flubber on VHS for her domination. To the victor go the spoils.

word play tournament 10-10.jpg

Alyssa Faith, Melanie Feldman, 
Rebecca Levine and Rachel Rubin
Word Games Champion 2016

Playing under the team name "The Breast and the Brightest," these ladies were winners of the 2016 Word Play Tournament-- a multi-stage tournament featuring teams of 2-4 competing in Codenames, Taboo, Boggle and Bananagrams. Talk about word domination.


This Guy- Settlers of Catan Champion 2016

BoardGame Empire's inaugural tournament was a Settlers of Catan multi-round bout on September 19th, 2016. The winner was... him! Yeah, that's right, we didn't think to get his name. We didn't even know we'd be creating a Hall of Champions back then. But he crushed it that night, taking down a slew of others as he artfully traded sheep for wood and other such moves on his way to victory.

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