Let’s face it, your recent nights out have been a bit boring. You’ve been to the same four bars a hundred times. Dave has started bringing his friend Carlton from work, which is unfortunate because everyone hates Carlton. And the last time you decided to try something new, Carlton somehow got to choose the group’s plans, and you ended up at "50 Shades of Gray" trivia night.

Well we have good news: our whole company is built around the goal of giving game lovers a fun night out. (If you don’t like games, you are dead to us, and you should really stop reading. We cannot possibly help you).

Each month, we host different game-themed events, from tournaments to showcase nights for local designers, and we come up with new events all the time. Join our mailing list to receive an e-mail once a month letting you know what we've got coming up, or just scroll down to see what's currently on the calendar. 


This whole time, you've been going out to eat and not playing board games. This whole time you've been a fool. Because at Pizzeria Regina, every Monday night, you can have delicious Italian food alongside one of over 50 different games. Every Monday, we bring in a mountain of games covering pretty much every genre out there. We've got the classics, word games, party games, strategy games, new releases... everything. And we've also got a game master for a host who can help recommend the perfect choice for your particular group if you feel like trying something new. No tickets necessary for this one, just show up any Monday with a few friends and enjoy some games.

Every Monday


Pizzeria Regina (Allston)
353 Cambridge St
Allston, MA 02134

Ticket cost: Free



Move over Paint Nite, there’s a new make-a-thing-that-you-would-expect-to-come-out-really-poorly-but-it’s-surprisingly-good-and-now-you-get-to-take-it-home-and-enjoy-it in town. That’s right, you can make your own board game. And we’re talking about a legit worker placement strategy game built around the theme of your choice. We’re partnering with a Northeastern professor of board game design (yeah, that’s a thing) to help you make your masterpiece in three hours flat. 

Come with your own idea or figure it out on the spot. Come by yourself or with a group of friends ready to design the game as a team. Grab a spot here.

December 17th


Trident Booksellers & Cafe

338 Newbury St

Boston, MA 02115

Ticket cost: $20



On November 6th, we launch our first ever board game league in partnership with Social Boston Sports. Each week, teams compete against each other in a different genre of games. Player response has already been very positive so we're planning to bring this event back for the winter season. To be notified when registration opens (and get discounted early-bird tickets), join that mailing list below.

Coming Soon

Location: TBD

Ticket cost: TBD


JP Worlds fair.png

Over the years, we've amassed quite a collection of board games, and now we're using those games for good. Every few months, we'll be partnering with a different charity and holding a board game fundraiser event where you'll pay at the door for the chance to play anything from our massive library with 100% of the money going to the cause. That's right, we won't be taking any sort of fee for these particular events. We ran our last one back in August to raise money for the Latin Quarter World's Fair, a truly awesome festival that also is serving to support the community in the process. The fundraiser is over, but you can still attend/learn more about the world's fair (for free) by clicking here

If you have a charity that you think would be a good match for a board game fundraiser, click here to submit to be a part of one of these events. And if you're running in the Boston Marathon in 2020, shoot us an e-mail at host@playboardgameempire.com and let us know what organization you're fundraising for. We're thinking of donating one of these to a few select runners. 

Next Event Not Yet Created

Time: TBD

Location: TBD

Ticket cost: TBD



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