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During the pandemic, our empire has taken a step back from many of its traditional in-person events. We are hoping they will be able to return in 2022, at which point we encourage you to visit this webpage and read all about them. But during these frightening times, we have found a way to still bring joy to the people and give citizens of the empire a chance to be with their friends. We have discovered the game of trivia and launched a sister company where we host these events. We host a monthly game on Zoom, we've just started offering trivia pub crawls where you may go barhopping and play a different round of trivia at each stop along the way, and we even created a Family-Feud-like competition where you must hop inside the mind of the common man and guess how he answered a series of our brilliantly written questions.

You can read all about these events and sign up to attend them at


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