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If you're reading this, then you likely picked up a copy of our award-winning* brochure at a recent event. Or, if you didn't, that means you just saw a link labeled "brochure" and got so excited you had to click it. And that's totally cool. We're glad there are people out there who are that into brochures. You do you. 

Well, for those of you who haven't seen our brochure, those are the back three panels up there and you may notice, we have a game on the brochure (there's a puzzle in the middle panel, and the section you fill out with answers is on the left panel), and this is where we post the solutions. If you haven't played the game yet, we recommend not scrolling down any further because it's going to be like finding out who dies in Game of Thrones before you even watch the first episode. But for those of you who have already played the game and have now come looking for answers, scroll on.

Top row, they're all... JOHNS. Those pictures are Johnny Depp, John D Rockefeller and Elton John

Middle row... OSCAR WINNERS. That's 4-time nominee Geoffrey Rush who won for Shine in 1997, 3-time nominee Christian Bale who won for The Fighter in 2011, and are-you-freaking-kidding-me-7-times??-nominated Cate Blanchett who won for Blue Jasmine in 2014 and the Aviator in 2005.

Bottom row... WINGED ANIMALS. That's Elizabeth Swann from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, Scrooge McDuck and Ryan Gosling. Swan, Duck and Gosling (while the primary definition of Gosling is a hunky superstar, a second definition is a goose). 

Left column... PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN STARS. That's Johnny Depp (Captain Jack Sparrow), Geoffrey Rush (Captain Barbossa) and Keira Knightley (Elizabeth Swann).

Middle column.... BILLIONAIRES. That would be John Rockefeller, the world's first billionaire even in 1800s dollars. His net worth adjusted for inflation today would be between 300 and 400 billion dollars. Top that one Bezos. After that you got Bruce Wayne (estimated net worth: 9.2 billion) and Scrooge McDuck (65.4 billion) who both made the Forbes Fictional 15. We're sure some of you will ask "did you accept millionaires for this one?" That answer does fit, so we're going to give it to you, but we would like to point out that had that been the answer, the M would have already been filled in.

Right column... MEMBERS OF THE BRITISH COMMONWEALTH. That would be Brit Elton John, Aussie Cate Blanchett and Canadian Ryan Gosling.

Diagonal top left to bottom right... STARRED IN MUSICALS. This was a tough one, so we tried to help out a bit by showing two of the three actors in the musicals in which they starred. You've got Johnny Depp in Sweeney Todd and Ryan Gosling in La La Land. As for Christian Bale, one of his signature early roles was in Newsies.

Diagonal bottom left to top right... KNIGHTS. Finally that right there would be Keira Knightley, the Dark Knight and the knighted Sir Elton John. 

Thanks for playing our game, we are BoardGame Empire. We run all sorts of board game themed events all over the city, and also can be booked for private board game parties. You really should check out the rest of this website and learn all about our company.

* All awards are given out in-house and only reflect the views of the team at BoardGame Empire. If you're curious, our brochure won the award for "greatest brochure- trifold or bifold category."

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