What Is BoardGame Empire?

BoardGame Empire is a weekly event held at restaurants throughout the city of Boston (well, technically this business just launched a few months ago so it's actually just one restaurant. But we'll have more, you'll see). Every week, a host brings in 60+ different board and card games, and you and your friends can play anything you want for as long as you want, all while having a beer and some food.

We've got classics like Battleship and Connect 4, we've got party games like Cards Against Humanity and Billionaire Banshee, and we've got hobby games like Smashup and Pandemic. And we're constantly expanding our library to include all the newest options. If there's something you don't know how to play, we'll explain the rules. If you want a recommendation, we can make one based on what you're looking for. And if you want a game we don't have, we'll order it and have it waiting for you the next time you come in.

And it's all free. No, that's a lie. The beer and food cost money, but it's free to play the games.

In addition, we'll be running other events that we'll post about on the Upcoming Events page. We're going to have nights showcasing new games being developed by local designers. We're going to have a mix-and-match night where you get randomly matched with other players for a round of games so you can meet some new people. And, once a month, we're going to have tournaments where you can earn board game immortality in our Hall of Champions

Click the link labeled "Where Can I Play?" to find a BoardGame Empire event near you.