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Dungeons & Dragons for First Time Players

Growing up, all the cool kids played D&D. They wore letterman jackets, got out of class early on game days and had outrageously steamy dating lives. All the while, you were forced to watch from the outside, wishing you were as cool as them. No? That wasn't how your high school worked? Fine, but it's still possible that you always thought the game might be fun, but never wanted to sign on for a three-month campaign, filled with six-hour sessions of rolling dice to figure out your dexterity or whatever. You just wanted to try it out. Well, August 22nd, you can join us at Down the Road Brewery in Everett to do exactly that.

We're running a Dungeons & Dragons for First Time Players night. Our Dungeon Master Extraordinaire has premade characters and scenarios so you don't have to worry about that part. We'll do a quick 5 or 10 minute explanation of how the game works, and then you'll jump in and start playing. Wanna have a brew while you play? Good news, Down the Road Brewery serves some of the best beer in the land, and you're definitely encouraged to have a pint while you play.

Tickets are only $10 but space is limited so grab a seat here before it's too late: