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Learn and Play: Board Games for Liars- Coup, Skull, Secret Hitler

This event is for the liars and the cheats. The folks who revel in deceit. The ones who don't flinch when they tell you they'd love to see video of your child's dance recital. For those of you bored with the truth, this event's for you. And if you're just an honest abe who can't tell a falsehood without turning red, don't worry, we were lying about this just being for the rogues and the scoundrels. This event's for you too.

Over the last few years, there's been a surge in board games themed around lying. Moles working to bring down military units from the inside. Bluffers daring someone to prove them wrong. We don't know exactly what it says about our society that these options have become more popular, but who are we to complain? They're pretty great.

On July 18th, we're introducing you to the world of dishonest games, and helping you meet some fun people in the process. Over the course of the event, we'll play three different games. Before each round, our highly trained board game officanado will give a rules explanation so clear a potato could understand them. Then you'll play with other folks in attendance. 

Each round, there will be a new game and you'll get matched with new tablemates. Want to stay with your friends? No problem, just let us know when you arrive, and we'll make sure you stick together.

We'll start off with Coup, the perfect appetizer. A game where you manipulate, bluff, murder and bribe your way to being the last member of the royal court still standing. After that comes Skull. A classic that's been played for centuries that is, essentially, everything you thought poker was when you were a kid without all the boring math and waiting-impatiently-for-good-hands. That's right, it's all bluffing, raise and reading your opponent. Final game is Secret Hitler, and don't worry, it's not nearly as offensive as it sounds. Invented by one of the creators of Cards Against Humanity (okay fine, maybe it's a little offensive), in this one you are all liberals, except for a few fascists working to undermine the government and turn it into a dictatorship. Figure out who the traitors are before it's too late.

Discovering new games and meeting new people not enough for you? Your ticket also comes with a token good for a free drink at Down the Road Brewery. Worried you won't be a good enough liar? It's okay, these games are so fun, you'll still have a good time. Besides, nobody ever suspects the angelic newbie. Already know how to play one or more of these games? Then you already know how much fun they are and you should absolutely come. And if anyone asks you if you've played before, that's fine. No one's going to make you answer honestly.

Tickets are $10, but not for the first 7 people to register. First ticket buyer gets admission for a mere $3. Second ticket buyer for $4. Third for $5, etc. Once we get to seven attendees, the event will be officially a go (if we get to 24 hours before the event and still haven't sold 7 tickets, we will cancel and issue full refunds. This doesn't happen often but we include the disclaimer just in case). After those first 7, all remaining tickets will be $10 each. Don't worry, we won't raise our rates after that. Trust us.

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