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A Board Game Tournament for Liars, Bluffers and Cheats

You know that time you lied to your partner and they threw water in your face? You know that time your teacher gave you detention for playing fast and loose with the truth? You know that time your mom washed your mouth out with soap? Well guess what: All those people were wrong. You aren't a scoundrel, you're a champion. 

On March 5th, realize your destiny and be celebrated for your powers of deception. We're hosting a three-round tournament full of our favorite games for people who like to lie, bluff and cheat. Each round, you accumulate points and the person with the most points gets the glory. What games you ask? Well we've got a game about passing legislation in the 1930's called Secret Hitler (we promise it's not nearly as offensive or boring as it sounds), a game of bluffing, raising and getting caught with your hand in the cookie jar called Skull (also sometimes called Skull and Roses), a game with Werewolves and villagers called One Night Ultimate Werewolf and Coup. To be honest, we don't understand what the backstory is for Coup, but it's a classic.

As always, if you don't know these games, worry not. We'll explain the rules before each one and they're all fantastic. Spots are limited so grab a seat at

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