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Bandits and Thieves Tournament

Let's be honest, it's so much more fun to be the bad guy. And November 14th, we give you the chance to do exactly that in a tournament combining two of our favorite games: "Ca$h 'n Guns" and "Bang! The Dice Game." In "Ca$h 'n Guns" you're a team of gangsters who just pulled off a big heist, and now it's time to split up the loot, but not before having one big standoff. And in "Bang! The Dice Game," you're cowboys in the wild west, engaging in a battle between sheriff, deputies, outlaws and renegades, only aside from the sheriff, nobody knows who anyone else is. So, basically, you're trying to take out an enemy target without knowing exactly who that person is. We'll play at least one round of each, but possibly more depending on timing, and you'll accumulate points in the process. Person with the most points at the end gets a trophy, a prize and eternal glory in the Hall of Champions

Both games are a ton of fun, and if you don't know how to play either of them, don't worry. We'll have a rules explanation at 6:45. Let us know you're coming to the event on Facebook (URL) or just show up that night. Just make sure you're there before 7, because after that, it'll be too late to join.

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