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Dungeons & Dragons for First-Time Players

 We're excited to welcome DM extraordinaire, Seamus Conneely.

We're excited to welcome DM extraordinaire, Seamus Conneely.

Have you ever been curious to try Dungeons & Dragons, but scared off by the fact that you have to spend 18 hours making a character and rolling for stats, whatever the hell that means? Did you not feel like signing on for a months-long campaign or having to learn all the lingo and rules? Or did it just seem like something for only the nerdiest of nerds? Well, November 28th, we're giving you the chance to try the game out in a 90-minute session with a Dungeon Master who's a pro at making the game accessible for first-time players.

DM extraordinaire Seamus Conneely will pre-create the characters and the scenario for you, and he'll explain how things work along the way so that you can learn as you go, all while having a beer.

Playing is free, but there are only five slots for each game, one starting at 6:30 and the other at 8:00. So if you'd like to play, you have to grab a ticket on our Eventbrite page. Sign up with some friends or get a ticket for just yourself to be matched up with other players there.

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