Hey Salem State! We're excited to be coming to your school on November 15th, and we're bringing a ton of games. But, we realize it's possible you've got one you love and it's not on our list. No that's cool, we're not enough for you. You need to go outside the standard boundaries of our relationship to get the satisfaction you're looking for. We get it.

But don't worry, we have a simple solution for that. You can request any game you'd like by filling out the form below before November 12th. 

Now we should clarify one thing: Our goal is to have whatever game you want by the time we get to your school. However, it's possible you are about to request a game that is handmade and only sold by a small retailer halfway up Mount Everest. If so, we can't accommodate that request. It's possible you want to try a $10,000 board game made of 24 karat gold specifically crafted for British royalty. We can't accommodate that. It's possible you want to play the game you loved as a kid but they have now stopped printing. Actually, that one we'll try our best to track down, we just can't make any promises. The point is, we may not be able to accommodate any request you have (that's why we ask for your e-mail address so we can tell you whether or not we were able to procure the game you're asking for), but we're going to try.