For People Who Like Office Parties That Are Actually Fun

"Employees were in awe at how many games were available—they couldn’t decide which one to play first! There were tons of games that people had never seen or heard of before—But that’s okay, because [the host] knew the rules and whims of EVERY game, and is there to walk you through them all. After each event we've held, employees have become so obsessed with a new game that we ended up purchasing it! We can't wait to have BoardGame Empire back again!"

                                  -Kimberly Wilson
                                                     Office Experience Manager

So how does a BoardGame Empire private event work you ask? Well we'll tell you. Basically, we turn your event into a board game fiesta. A host shows up at your office party, birthday, fundraiser, university, lawn mower enthusiast convention, whatever. They bring 60+ board games with them and people can play whatever they want. If folks want to try something new, the host can make recommendations based on their interests and explain the rules to any game there. If people want a game not already in our library, we will make every effort to find it and buy it at no additional cost.*  The whole time the host will be playing music and answering any questions that may arise.

We also offer packages where your event can be catered by a Pizzeria Regina, Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, and/or Down the Road brewery. So if you want pizza with your board game party, not only can we make that happen, but we will do it as part of a combo package that saves you money.

For information about rates and dates, call Jonathan at 617-894-9324, e-mail or fill out the form below.

*Because you know a sentence like that has to come with an asterisk. Total cost of games requested cannot exceed the cost of the event, which is still a crazy amount of board games. Games must be requested at least one week before the event. And, ya know, we're gonna do what we can, but within reason. If you want a game that is only sold in Russia and can only be obtained by flying there and smuggling it out of the country... well actually that sounds pretty cool, we might do that. But the idea is we'll make every reasonable effort to track the game down, checking not only Amazon but multiple other channels as well, but understand that at the end of the day, we just might not be able to get you that copy of that centuries-old board game you read an article about one time.