For People Who Like Office Parties That Are Actually Fun

To answer the question you didn't ask: Yes, BoardGame Empire does private events. It's a great activity for getting people in your office or at your event to interact and have fun with each other. 

We offer three main options: 1) We can bring the BoardGame Empire experience to you. We'll bring a whole slew of games to your office, fundraiser, birthday party of whatever else. People will be able to play anything they want, ranging from the classics we all grew up with to the newer options they've never had a chance to experience. We've got goofy joke-around-with-your-friend games, we've got word games, we've got strategy games, we've got the perfect game for anyone. For people who want to try something new, our Game Masters can make recommendations that will perfectly fit their needs and then explain the rules so people don't have to go looking through those pesky instruction books. And if there's something folks want to play that we don't have, we'll go out and buy the game at no additional cost.

The whole time we'll be playing music on our sound system and answering any questions that arise. 

2) You can come to us. We're at Christopher's in Porter Square every Monday from 6:30-10:00 starting April 17th. Just pick a date and a time when you want to come in and we'll make sure to set aside enough tables and games for your group. We'll have a giant collection of games and a knowledgeable host who can make recommendations and explain rules just like in the option above. Only for this one, you don't have to pay us anything. 

3) We're developing a special board game event with an awesome company called teambonding that's a lot more immersive and geared towards businesses looking for a different kind of team-building event. We'll bring in games that foster teamwork and communication, explain the rules and then have everyone play them in groups. They will accumulate points as the event goes along, giving them the opportunity for office domination. Then, at the end, we run a talkback session about the learning opportunities from those games and how they can be applied to the workplace.

For information about rates and dates, call Jonathan at 617-894-9324, e-mail or fill out the form below.