Name That Band

All right, here are the rules. We've written a description of a fictional movie. Your job is to give a real-life band or artist name that could easily be the title of that movie. For example, if the clue were "AI robots have taken over the world, but this group of resistance fighters is mad as hell, and they’re ready to fight back," the answer would be "Rage Against the Machine." Before we get started, we are going to acknowledge that some of these may be hard. We are also going to acknowledge that some of these may be based on the way the band/artist's name is pronounced, not spelled. For those of you who feel inclined to complain, so be it. Clearly you weren't cut out for the ruthless game that is Name That Band. Feel free to amass a team of people to take these on. Perhaps your fellow coworkers who, like you, are looking for a way to make the time pass between now and the end of the work week. At the end of this list is a link to the answers. Got an answer you think is just as good if not better than the one we put? We want to hear about it. There's a place at the bottom of our answers where you can submit better options. And if we agree with you, we'll post them to the website and give you credit for your clever solution. Okay, it's time to play Name That Band...

1.      She lives in Atlanta, he lives in Miami. But once every year, at midnight, they meet on the train tracks between their two cities. 

2.      Danny died last month when his favorite Pac Man machine went up in flames, taking him with it. In this coming of age story, Mike is left to figure out a life without his big brother. 

3.      In this franchise-saving spinoff of a dying series, Scooby Doo leaves the rest of the gang behind and starts his own PI firm. 

4.     For the last nine years, his family honored the death of his father by laying flowers on the man’s gravesite. This year he’s honoring his father by taking a shotgun to the people who did this. 

5.     For centuries, the Cunninghams abided by the self-imposed rule to never tell anyone about the meteor that landed in their backyard and gave them all magic powers. But for his 16th birthday, Sylvester Cunningham just found out the family secret. And he hates playing by the rules. 

6.      It’s yet another Batman movie featuring the Joker and his band of henchmen. 

7.      Philip Seymour Hoffman, Amy Adams and Meryl Streep star in this sequel of a 2008 film about a pair of nuns who suspect a Catholic Priest of inappropriate behavior. Only this time the sisters have got definitive proof on their side. 

8.      In a crime-ridden future, set ten years after man’s failed attempt to reverse global warming plunged us into another Ice Age, one team of badasses is here to make the world safe again. 

9.      For two days every century, these nocturnal monsters are free to suck as much blood as they want. Well guess what world, those two days start tomorrow. 

10.   These two small-town robbers are about to find out that just because he’s the smallest pitbull on the block doesn’t mean he can’t kick some serious butt. 

11.   For sixty years, their spirits have roamed the earth long after their earthly bodies passed away. Now one man is here to help them finally be laid to rest. 

12.   Years ago, it was foretold that he would bring balance to the Force. But now it’s his son who must free the universe from his dark reign. 

13.   A man running for president is brainwashed by a transistor placed in his brain. 

14.   It was just another night at Studio 54. Until an escaped convict showed up with a chainsaw. 

15.   He thought a love potion was the perfect way to get the girl of his dreams. But now he’s wondering if it’s really love when the only reason she’s with him is because of something he built in a science lab. 

16.   A coming of age story about two boys who thought they were just finding homes to vandalize and decorations to destroy on Halloween, but who were actually finding themselves. 

17.    When you need your suit fixed fast, he’s the guy you call. But he just got a client he probably shouldn’t take. 

18.   Robin Hood always gets the credit, now hear the story of the man who makes his weapons.

19.   They feared the radiation from the atomic wars would kill their newborn son. Instead, it made him stronger. 

20.   Steve thought he had found the perfect wife, but there was one problem: she was a robot. 

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