Hello! If you're here, then you probably received a copy of Anomia from us at a recent convention. And if you did, then you may have some questions, like how do you play this game? What the heck is BoardGame Empire? And, if I put the box underneath the broken table leg in the break room, will the table stop wobbling all the time? So here are the answers to those and one or two more.

What is BoardGame Empire? 

We turn your office parties into board game parties. Wanna learn more? Click that link that says "private events" at the top of the page.

How Do I Play Anomia?

Here's a short video explaining the rules:

The one thing we will point out that the video states but that people still sometimes gloss over: When there's a faceoff, each player has to say something in the category of the other player's card. So if your card says "Children's Television Show" and mine says "Historic Battle," you have to name a historic battle (or is it an historic battle? Sigh, language is so hard) before I name a children's television show.

Would you rather read the rules? Go here: http://www.anomiapress.com/anomia.html. That page summarizes the rules, but there's also a PDF you can download which spells it out more clearly (and that uses pictures!)

Where Can I Buy a Copy for a Friend?

Anomia is actually a game created by a local Boston designer, but it's become so popular it's sold in stores worldwide. Most local game shops have it or you can get a copy on Amazon. When you go there you'll see that a standard box comes with two decks instead of one so you don't keep repeating the same categories. Also, the decks are a bit bigger than the sample versions we give out at conventions. And, for some reason, they don't come with a sales pitch for BoardGame Empire on the box. We're not sure why.

You'll also see you can buy an adult-themed version, a kids-themed version or a party pack that gets you six different decks. 

But seriously, the wobbly table thing.

Yeah we're not sure, but it's a deck, so you should be able to remove cards until it's the perfect height.