Board games. If you’re like us, just hearing those two words makes you happy. The classics raised you as a child and the new ones injected fun and play into your adult life.

Clue was the only reason you and your sibling didn’t kill each other on the days you were stuck inside. Sorry! ingrained the concept of sorrynotsorry in your mind decades before it was a hashtag. Playing Smashup! was the moment you realized that ninja robots should totally be a thing, and playing Catan was the moment you realized you actually did kind of like nerdy games, but don’t tell anyone. Scrabble taught you that QAT is a word, and Hungry Hippos taught you that hippos… eat marbles? We’re not sure. Cards Against Humanity helped you get to know your parents on a level that maybe it was best you never went to. And Billionaire Banshee confirmed what you already knew: That your friends have horrible taste in dating partners.

And if you think of games with the same warmth that we do, then you should definitely come out to one of our game nights. We run weekly events at bars and restaurants in the greater Boston area. A host brings in 50+ games, and people can play anything they want, all while having a beer, eating some food and hanging out with friends. We also periodically run tournaments, fundraisers, demo nights for local indie game designers, and other game-themed events. And for anyone who wants to hire us for a private function, like an office party or birthday celebration, we do that too. Scroll down to learn more about BoardGame Empire.

For BoardGame Empire Players

It's been a long day at work, and all you want is to do something fun with your friends. Or you need to find an activity that will distract your date from the fact that you're awful at making conversation. Or you just played Codenames for the first time and now everyone you know absolutely has to try it. So click the link below to find out everything you need to know about having a great night out playing board games. 

For Bar and Restaurant Owners

Your Tuesday nights are struggling. You're beginning to suspect that your policy of free pretzels may not be quite the draw you originally anticipated. Last week you only had four customers, and one of them was Marv who just hits on the waitress all night. So click the link below to find out how we can help you not only boost attendance but also ensure your guests have a great time.

For People Hosting Private Events

They put you in charge of planning the office party, which is unfortunate because you and your friends usually make fun of the office parties and complain about how you always get stuck talking to Marv, the sales guy who keeps bragging about how the waitress at the place up the street is totally into him. So click the link below to find out how to make your next party a board game party with something fun for everyone.